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Florence Maclean

Born in 1872 in West Hartlepool. In 1896, she married Frederick Hodgson Rudd Alderson (1868-1925 - above right). He appears to have been something of a dashing figure. Born in Horton, Northumberland, he was educated in Durham, and then at Clare College, Cambridge from 1886 to 1889. At that point he became a master at Henry Smith School, Hartlepool, rising to the position of headmaster in 1892 until his death. More importantly perhaps, he was well-known as a very talented rugby union player. A blue at Cambridge he was subsequently described by Clare College's history as "one of the most brilliant rugby players of his day; a three-quarter back of the highest class; finished his international career in 1893, when he played against Wales". He died in 1925; Florence lived on until 1953.

There were at least five children: William Hodgson Rudd Alderson (b 1899), Frederic Rudd Alderson (b 1900), Edith Elizabeth Alderson (b 1902), Cuthbert Rudd Alderson (b 1905) and Florence Maclean Alderson (b 1908). William, known as Rudd Alderson, was also a keen sportsman, although his speciality was cricket not rugby. He played numerous matches for Durham between 1921 and 1933. 

I have no further information on this line.

William Share Maclean (pictured above right)

Born in 1873 in West Hartlepool. His middle name was derived from his grandmother (Catherine Hogg nee Share). In 1902, he married Georgina Elliott Hall (b 1875) in Easington, County Durham. In 1911, they were living in a house known as "Moness" in West Hartlepool, and William is described as a steamship owner. He died in 1934, and his wife in 1946. There were two children, the twins Enid and Joan Maclean, born in 1904 in West Hartlepool. Enid married John Willis Brown, an engineer from Sheffield, in 1932, and had a son, Michael, whose line continues. Joan Maclean married Francis Leonard Colley, a leather merchant also from Sheffield. They had two daughters. Patricia, a GP, died in 2007; and Sonia, whose line continues today. 

George Henry Maclean (pictured above left)

Born in 1877 in West Hartlepool, and known in the family as Harry. In around 1909 he went to work in Argentina as administrator of the Sol de Mayo ranch and stables owned and run by Don Benigno del Carril and his son Justo del Carril. (The farm is still owned and run by the del Carril family to this day). On August 22nd 1912, while out hunting duck, he was accidentally shot by his friend Lionel W Elliott, and appears to have died instantaneously. (See here for brother Keith's letter informing the family of the details). He was buried in the English cemetery in Buenos Aires.

Horace Malcolm Maclean

Born in 1878 in West Hartlepool. I know very little about Horace. However in 1901, he was employed as an articled clerk in London, living at Marie Treherne's lodging house at No 3 Mecklenburgh Street, St Pancras, London along with his cousin Thomas Pyman. In 1909, he moved to Canada and died in Vancouver in 1922. I have no idea whether or not he married and had children.

Mabel Pera Maclean

Born in 1884 in West Hartlepool. She later became an Anglican nun in the Order of the Holy Paraclete based at Sneaton Castle, Whitby. I have no other information about her. However, there is a footnote to add regarding Mabel's unusual middle name, which was in turn passed on to her niece Kitty Pera Maclean. The only previous use of this name within the family was for Pera Lewis (1857-1937), a sister-in-law of James Masters Share. This, clearly, was after whom Mabel was named. Colin Boyes, the great grandson of Pera Lewis, has explained that the name originated because Pera Lewis's father, a career officer in the Royal Engineers, was serving onboard ship in the Bosphorus when he received news of his daughter's birth and was asked to choose her name. It was apparently a beautiful sunny morning, and the ship was lying at the time just off the coast of Pera, then a town close to Istanbul, and he thought that this would be a suitable name for his child. (The town of Pera was subsequently absorbed by the expanding city, and under the Turkish Republic was renamed Beyoglu, a rather less mellifluous name for a child...)

Norman Keith Maclean

Born in 1885 in West Hartlepool, and apparently known to the family as Keith. He followed older brother Harry to Argentina, and took a position at the Estancia Las Camas. He was alerted to his brother's death, and attended the funeral two days later (see his letter regarding this tragedy here). Sincere thanks to Fiona Daughton, Keith's granddaughter for the following note: "With the onset of WWI, Keith returned to England to join up for the army as first lieutenant in the West Yorkshire regiment. He was wounded at the front shortly after joining up, was invalided out and received a life pension. He married Minnie Bryant (the matron and owner of the nursing home where he recuperated) and their daughter Jean Maclean was born on 27th April 1921, followed by a son, John, who unfortunately died suddenly at the age of three. 

"Minnie was part of a religious sect (exclusive Plymouth Brethren) and Norman converted and later became a renowned lay preacher, travelling all over the country and Europe to preach. The family lived in No 9 Egmont Road in Sutton, Surrey, which was sold in the Second World War, then had a flat in Nottingham. Keith lived with Mr and Mrs Trowbridge in Loughborough Leicestershire for his last two or three years. He died in January 1957 aged 70 years old, seven years to the month after his wife Minnie's death. His daughter Jean left Nottingham when she became pregnant out of wedlock, moving to Portsmouth. Keith disowned her, but did once see his granddaughter, Fiona Maclean born 6th November 1954."

Fiona's line continues.


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