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Catherine Share and Cuthbert Hogg had three sons as well as daughter Clara.

Thomas Taskes Hogg was born in 1841 in Tynemouth. He followed his father into the marine profession. At the time of the 1861 Census he was serving as Second Mate of the ship Grantham Hall, moored off West Hartlepool. He moved to Gravesend in Kent soon afterwards where he married Hannah Harrison Freeman (b 1844, Gravesend) in around 1864. They lived at 37 Albion Terrace, Gravesend, in a house close to Hannah's parents, William and Mary (at 1 Albion Terrace). William was a ship's pilot  for the Port of London, and Thomas also took up this career, under license from the Corporation of Trinity House. 

Thomas and Hannah had at least 8 children: Thomas Taskes Hogg II (1865-1940), Maude Catherine Hogg (1866-1947), William Freeman Hogg (1869-??), Edith Hannah Hogg (1871-1961), Stanley Hogg (1872-1915), Cuthbert Hogg (1875-1911), Margaret Hogg (1877-1940?), Charles D Hogg (1881-??). Between 1891 and 1901 they moved to 12 Park Place, Gravesend (apparently a well-to-do neighbourhood, since they lived next door to the actual Port Master for Gravesend). 

At the time of the 1901 census, Thomas Jr was employed as an accountant's clerk. Later he became chief cashier to the Shipping Federation, and died unmarried. In 1911 he was sharing a house with his sister Edith, also unmarried. Maude married Walter Bradley Dowsett, a stationer, in 1895, and went to live in Prittlewell in Essex. Dowsett was the son of Thomas Dowsett, a wealthy businessman and property owner, and first mayor of Southend. (Dowsett Sr died in 1906 leaving an estate valued at over 220,000, or around 12 million today). They had at least one daughter, Dorothy Margaret Dowsett. William became a master mariner, married Kate Louise Coste in 1913, and they emigrated to Australia. I can find no record of Stanley Hogg after the 1881 Census until his death in 1915 at the General European Hospital at Aden in the Yemen. Cuthbert Hogg Jr became a Trinity House pilot, married in 1907 and had a son, Allan Cuthbert Hogg. Margaret Hogg never married, but became a nursing sister and later Matron of Guy's Hospital. She was awarded a CBE in 1925. Charles was apprentice to a civil engineer in 1901, but I can find no mention of him thereafter.

Cuthbert Hogg was born in 1843 in Tynemouth. A master mariner, he was captain of the screw steamer Amazon in the late 1860s, followed by the Greatham Hall from around 1872. In 1875, he was called to provide a character reference at an inquest on the wreck of another steamer, the La Plata, which had been sunk in a storm in the Bay of Biscay in what appeared to be mysterious circumstances. (There were allegations that the crew were drunk). By an odd coincidence, the third engineer onboard the La Plata was also named Cuthbert Hogg, but was no relation, as our Cuthbert Hogg was obliged to point out to the court when he was called to evidence. Subsequently, Cuthbert also moved to London, becoming Dockmaster at Wapping Docks by 1881. He married Margaret Elizabeth Freeman (b 1846, Gravesend), the sister of his brother's wife. They lived at 9 Pier Head, Wapping in 1881. Later they moved to Canning Town. He died in 1893. There were no children.

George Joseph Henry Hogg (known as Joseph or Joe) was born in 1847 in Stepney, London, and was schooled at the District Hospital Schools in Greenwich (according to the 1861 census). By 1871 he had moved to Hartlepool, and was a manager in steam ship insurance, lodging with the Fleming family in Scarborough Street. Later he was the founder of the Well Deck Iron Steam Ship Mutual Insurance Association. He married Ada Allison (b 1852, Hartlepool) in around 1874, and they took up residence at 29 Victoria Road, Stranton, West Hartlepool; and by 1891 in "The Gables", Station Road, Seaton Carew, West Hartlepool. (The Gables still exists, and is now known as Dinsdale Lodge, a nursing home). Joseph Hogg died in 1930.

There were at least six children: Sydney Hogg (b 1875), Cecil Hogg (b 1875), Lilian Hogg (b 1878), Ada Hogg (known as Daisy, b 1881), Clara Hogg (b 1883) and Dorothy Hogg (b 1893). At the time of the 1901 census, only Daisy and Dorothy were still at home with Joseph. 

Sydney Hogg became a steamship owner in his own right, also in West Hartlepool. In 1898, he married Katherine Coverdale (b 1879) and they settled at 16 Victoria Road, just two doors along from Mary Ann Pyman (widow of Thomas E Pyman) and her daughter Lillie. There were at least two children: Robert Coverdale Hogg (b 1900) and Clarissa Ann Share Hogg (dates unknown). Sydney Hogg died in 1937, and his wife in 1961. Robert Coverdale Hogg married Violet Middleton and lived until 1980. Clarissa married Ernest Hyslop Bell in 1933.

I know very little about Cecil Hogg, but he does not appear to have married. He was still alive in 1921, when he attended the memorial service for Viscountess Furness (of whom more below), but I have no further information. Lilian Hogg is equally mysterious, although she appears to have married one Desmond Appleby in around 1900, and died in 1934. Clara Hogg was a boarder at Hendon Hall Ladies School outside London in 1901, and later married Cyril Stranaghan, a doctor, and also a member of the family behind Stranaghan & Stephens, a substantial grocery business in Cardiff. Latterly Dr & Mrs Clara Stranaghan lived in Bournemouth. He died in 1938; she in 1965. (In an intriguing coincidence, Cyril Stranaghan's sister Ethel married a member of the Pyman family).

Daisy Hogg deserves a page of her own, as a result of her marriage in 1904 to Marmaduke Furness, who later became one of the world's six richest businessmen.

Joseph Hogg's youngest daughter Dorothy Hogg also married into the Furness family. She wed Walter Furness, a cousin to Marmaduke Furness, in 1915. Walter Furness was a shipowner in his own right. They had at least one child, Dorothy Maureen Furness (b 1916), who married Major Douglas Roberts in 1945. Dorothy Hogg died in 1964.


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