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William Share Maclean (pictured above right, with brother George Henry Maclean)

Born in 1873 in West Hartlepool. His middle name was derived from his grandmother (Catherine Hogg nee Share). In 1902, he married Georgina Elliott Hall (b 1875) in Easington, County Durham. In 1911, they were living in a house known as "Moness" in West Hartlepool, and William is described as a steamship owner. He was in effect the junior partner in William Maclean's shipping business, but the company was sold following William Sr's death in 1920, and William Jr took early retirement. He died in 1934, aged 61, and his wife followed in 1946. 

There were two children, the twins Enid (known as "Enie") and Joan Maclean, born in 1904 in West Hartlepool. Sincere thanks to Joan's great granddaughter Frances Jackson, and her mother Clare Jackson (nee White), who supplied the following information: 

"Joan and Enid were identical. Although born in Hartlepool, they had Scottish roots. Joan always spoke the Queen's English until she went north of the border at which point she used to break into a broad Scottish accent much to my mum and uncle's embarrassment. 

"The twins were fiercely independent and drove until their late Seventies when the family decided that in order to avoid them becoming the heavenly twins that they should hand in their car keys. Joan and Enid really did have a telepathic twin thing going. Unbeknownst to one another they would go shopping on the same day to the same shop for the same item of clothing and used to buy exactly the same thing but in different colours. Joan always went for red or pink whereas Enid went for blue or brown. 

"Joan mixed a really mean gin and Noilly Prat (gin & French). Enid used to like pink gin (gin and angostura bitters). They both loved chocolate. Enie's preference was for Cadbury's Dairy Milk, while Joan always had Bournville dark chocolate. They used to get on so well, unless they were playing Scrabble, in which case the dictionary was always to hand, ready for a challenge. Both liked small dogs but Joan had cairn terriers and Enid preferred dachshunds. Enid's dachshund Mitzi took several chunks out of [Joan's children] Clare and William while they were growing up. Of course it was never the dog's fault. They never had a job (they were kept by their families until marriage) and married comparatively late in life."

Enid married John Willis Brown, an engineer from Sheffield, in 1932, who had two children from a previous marriage. Joan married Francis Leonard Colley, a leather merchant also from Sheffield. 

Frances and Clare add: "Enid's husband Willis had an eye for the ladies. Enid always used to find out about his latest love interest and then used to make that woman her own best friend, thereby very effectively rendering the attraction obsolete and bringing Willis back home to roost. Joan's husband Francis was a Lieutenant colonel with the Royal Engineers and was mentioned in Despatches twice during the war. He lied about his age to join the army in WW1 and was gassed during this time, which led to chronic problems. He fought in WW2 as well, before eventually succumbing to emphysema in 1980.

"Joan was a devoted homemaker and always went upstairs each evening to apply fresh makeup and a change of outfit, ready to greet her husband on his return from work with the newspaper and his slippers. She always joined him for the obligatory gin and French or two at 6 o'clock to discuss his day. She was the archetypal middle class wife. They lived in a nice house near Ranmoor in Sheffield in Stumperlowe Crescent Road, known as Consultants' Row due to its high density of medical consultants. Enid lived less than two miles away."

In addition to the two children from his previous marriage, Enie and Willis had Michael (b 1935), whose line continues. Joan and Francis had two daughters, Patricia (1935-2007) and Sonia (b 1937). Patricia never married, but was a much loved and respected GP in Derbyshire. Sonia married Derek White, and her line continues through her children Clare and William.


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